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with your listing

We upgrade your model unit into an exquisite, move-in ready home – straight out of the pages of a catalog.

Show them a home, not a property

not a property

We upgrade your space into an exquisite, move-in ready home – straight out of the pages of a catalog. From the vision down to the last detail, our design stirs emotions and captures imaginations

More style. More charm. More offers.
Our process

Beautiful staging, made beautifully simple

  • 01 Property visit
    We’ll assess your space and take measurements.
  • 02 Creating the vision
    We’ll map out the furniture, decor, and accessories needed to make your property shine.
  • 03 Curating the furnishings
    We’ll select all the pieces from our expansive warehouse, down to the last picture frame.
  • 04 Presenting Mood boards Once the detailed mood board provided are approved, We’ll schedule he installation.
  • 05 Set up We’ll deliver the furnishings to your property and meticulously arrange them in a tasteful, cohesive design.
  • 06 Removal Once your property is sold or rented, we’ll check in with you to see if you’d like to keep the furniture or have us remove it back to our warehouse.

Not your

everyday staging


With our signature luxurious design, meticulous attention to detail, unique pieces, and furnishings built to last – it’s no wonder we’re NYC’s premier interior stager.

Staging brings your property to the next level.
Stageone brings staging to the next level.

Why stage with StageOne?

Increase Appeal

Fresh yet timeless design is appealing to a wide range of potential buyers, making a strong first impression.

Increase perceived value

Well-staged homes receive higher offers, and are sometimes even sold for over the asking price.

Get better photos

More buyers than ever are starting their search online. Stunning images mean more in-person visits, leading to more offers.

Stand out

We work with local artists and manufacturers, curating one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Hear what our

thrilled clientele

have to say

A team of expert designers, a rich archive of experience, and a warehouse of singular pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

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